ArtNexus Magazine

September 26, 2007

International News: Visual arts Magazine
Title: ArtNexus

ABOUT THE PROJECT: For more than 25 years, ArtNexus has been an essential tool and resource for professionals, collectors, scholars, and others interested in Latin American art. Every issue, ArtNexus readers benefit from the work of more than 100 art experts who cover all aspects of art in the Americas. Now you can gain the ArtNexus advantage too. The web site will offer ArtNexus archival content as well as new content developed to fit the needs of online users. Email for more information.

Comment: ArtNexus is a bilingual web site, English and Spanish. The first and the last  two words show us a context: the site was created for Latin American readers but now it is for everyone who is interested in Latin American or contemporary art. The web site have multiple uses or utilities, first is a magazine web site. Second is a commercial web site. Third is the magazine, artists, galleries and auctions database. The magazine and it archive are ease to surf and read. The magazine online store is ease to surf with simply and good design. The galleries and artists pages are not ease to use and the design changes from one page to other, but I never visit that commercial part of the ArtNexus web site.


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